The madness begins at the Dykstra’s

Thanks Aunt Amy for my State shirt

Thanks Aunt Amy for my State shirt, dad makes me wear it no matter how old or big I get.

When I thought about being a stay at home dad, one of the most alluring advantages that first popped into my mind was MARCH MADNESS. Having the time to sit and watch all the basketball in March… I mean, come on, that’s just too good to be true. As I’m typing I’m already thinking about tomorrow and it’s slightly embarrassing how giddy I am. I can’t stop smiling. Thursday and Friday are already mapped out in my head, I’m in for a really good end of the week. I almost feel bad because I am going to have so much fun and MaKenzie will be at work. Undoubtedly, my sheer joy for Thursday and Friday will be coupled with a twinge of guilt as I wish MaK could share in the excitement.  Although Kentucky is out already, so she might not be the best companion to have around the house during game time.

Maebyn has already informed me that she wants to nap from 3-5 on both Thursday and Friday (she’s so thoughtful, right?). She expressed to me that she wants to watch some of the games with me but she can’t watch basketball all day for 4 days straight. I wasn’t thrilled to hear that but being a supportive dad, I told her that I understood and we both felt it would be good for her to get her nap in the late afternoon. That means dad gets two hours of uninterrupted basketball bliss. Unless of course the dog sees someone or something walking outside. Then plan A turns into plan B. Beazy is always the wild card in this family but we all just kind of accept that. The most important thing is that we watch Michigan State start their road to the final 4 Thursday at 12:15. We will both be clad in green and white and ready to kick off the tournament with a much needed W.
Thinking about my day tomorrow and the plans for Friday, I’m reminded that this stay at home dad gig isn’t so bad. There are many more important reasons that I value this responsibility but for this week I’m thankful for the fun part of it. I love basketball and I hope to pass that love onto my kids. Whether I go back to work one day or not, this year I’m starting a Dykstra family tradition. Every year, as a family, we will watch the games. Traditions are important and it allows us to look forward to spending time with one another and that’s what it’s really about anyways.

Here’s to Sparty winning it all!! If not my bracket is probably busted…


2 thoughts on “The madness begins at the Dykstra’s

  1. After just reading about twin girls on the way, I had to smile and say, “Good Luck with the basketball traditions”. 😀 Pink Poms Poms!

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