Oh Sparty…

Today was a day all geared around getting Maebyn tired so this “stay at home dad” could peacefully enjoy the Michigan State vs. Indiana game. I planned out the whole day so she would be well rested , fed and ready for bed by around tip off. I had planned to let her watch the first ten minuets with me just so I could start prepping her for where her allegiances will fall. She only made it about five minuets in though.I thought, no biggie, cause she went down wearing Spartan green.

Needless to say, the game didn’t end up the way I wanted it to(make your free throws MSU and we win the gam).Maebyn woke up with about 3 minuets left in the game so I spent the better half of the last two minuets trying to calm a crying baby and control my ever increasing emotions all at the same time. Thank goodness she can’t understand what I say yet because controlling my emotions when MSU should have won by 5 but ended up losing by 4 didn’t come easy, actually at all. I didn’t see the entire debacle though because I was making a bottle, changing a diaper, and looking for a passi. Oh, the joys of parenting… And being an MSU fan.

Although we didn’t win it was fun watching the game with her. It will be fun passing down my love of MSU, The Tigers, and the ever embarrassing Lions to her. We may live in Ohio but one thing is for sure, she will be a MSU, Tigers, and Lions fan. She has no choice in the matter. I love the fact that as a parent you get to pass things on to your kids. I love sports and I can’t wait to share them with my kids. Whether they love sports or not we will be making memories for years to come in cheering on these teams, just because they are dads teams.

Thank goodness Maebyn is to young to remember this game. I take solace in the fact that neither will MSU fans come March. So here’s to a deep tournament run in March and to passing on my love of Sparty to my kids. Maebyn’s fast asleep now, proudly clad in the Green and White, after watching the game with dad and that’s more important to me than a win.

To Sparty,


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